Monday, August 15, 2022

YOMod WhatsApp APK Download the latest version August 2022

WhatsApp YO Mod

One of the chat programs that can be tried to change WhatsApp is YO Whatsapp. exactly the same, but YOWhatsApp is more interesting because it has superior features

YO WhatsApp program is considered to have many advantages compared to the official or original WhatsApp application. The differences are located on the side of more unique specifications. That is, until it is not found on the regular WhatsApp. 

Naturally, this advantage has led to an increasing number of users of the WhatsApp YO Mod program. If you have not yet had time to use this YO WhatsApp program, you can certainly give it a try. Feel what it's like to use a fully functional WhatsApp.

Maximize personal settings. 

Here are the advantages or benefits found in this modified WhatsApp, one of them. 

1. Change fonts 

This YO WhatsApp application is prepared with many fonts that can be equated to the will. Moreover, the setting technique is not too difficult. You just need to make a decision in terms of settings and then click Change Application Font. 

From there you can get a variety of alternative fonts that you can specify, and then click Load Font. The attractive and unique look of the fonts will make the widget not boring when used for chatting. 

2. Planned messaging 

This modified WhatsApp program also provides its users with the most useful scheduled messages. These specifications are certainly perfect for those who tend to forget. The technique to activate this feature is. 

- Click on the symbol in the lower right corner. 

- You can then specify the receiving number. 

- Next, you will be asked to fill in the information that will be said. 

- Select the time and date of delivery. 

- The last step is to click on Schedule.

- The success message is automatically scheduled.

3. Substitution of objects 

Using a variety of alternative interesting topics is undoubtedly the dream of many Whatsapp users. the normal appearance of Whatsapp is really such that there are too few topics. As a result, many users are bored with the monotonous appearance.