Saturday, July 2, 2022

VIVO Y91 Flash File ,Firmware, Rom Free Download

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If your device is VIVO Y91, and also facing the issues of that the device often appear lag, lack of memory,failing to open it.

It Yes, you should keep reading the follow information, I am sure that this page will help you to repair you device!

When our VIVO Y91 Android devices have this issues,  just need to use Firmware which can completely repair our devices. Bur where should we find this Firmware?

VIVO Y91 Flash File ,Firmware, Rom Free Download

Therefore , Here , I will recommend a which is a the VIVO Y91 Flash File/ Firmware/ Rom Free Download website !

Click here, and you can get into VIVO Y91 Flash File ,Firmware, Rom Free Download link.

The website introduce the advantage of flashing our VIVO Y91 Android device:

1.Reverting the device back to stock.

2.Updating the device to latest android version

3.Fixing boot loop issues on your device.

4.Improving your software performance

5.Fixing Stutter on your device

The important reason why i so recommend are that The tutorial is very detailed, and there is no problem with the novice operation, you can follow the Detailed Tutorials to step by step flashing your device. Also the operation of VIVO Y91 device Firmware is very easy, which just need three steps:

1. Open the flash package called “VIVO_Y91_8.1.0_20200916_e6d6b23f12”,then select and open the “flash tool” folder. Next, open the flash tool called “flash_tool.exe” in this folder. Finally, when the exe file is opened, select the “Download”function.

2. Choose Download-Agent in the “flash_tool.exe”.  Choose the file called “DA_PL.bin” in the folder “Flash tool”.

3. Choose Scatter-loading File.  Choose the file called “MT6765_Android_scatter.txt” in the folder “Firmware.”

4. Choose Authentication File.  Choose the file called  “authfile.auth” in the folder “Flash tool”.

5. Select the Flashing Mode. Choose the one called “Download Only”(This part is right below the Authentication File)

6.First, click the Download button to read the flash configuration. Second, after the configuration is completed, keep the mobile phone turned off. Next,  insert the USB to connect your mobile phone to the computer, and press the volume + button of the mobile phone for a few seconds to enter the flashing process. Wait until the process is 100% complete. If you see the prompt of the successful dialog box pops up ,that is the sign of the successful flashing process, just turn on the mobile phone.

The next one is that the VIVO Y91 Flash File/ Firmware/ Rom is completely Free Download, you do not need to worry about have any charge . Also the website is no advertising, which just  provide the information that you want.

If you want to flash your VIVO Y91 device. Believe me. Coming to this website is a right choice!